Apex Soccer Management concludes contracts with young talented sportspeople, predominantly footballers, to supervise and mentor them in accordance with our own-developed, all-inclusive approach to management and guidance.

At Apex Soccer Management  we have a network of exclusive business partners at our disposal to advance your revenues and optimize your tax situation.

Legal Assistance

Apex Soccer has a legal expert available to you who is qualified in business law and sports law, a lawyer as well as a notary experienced in working with a clientele of professional sportspersons in order to ensure your legal security in all domains of the law, and to assist legal procedures, negotiate your contracts and forewarn any potentially litigious situation.

Insurance Management

Apex Soccer takes great care with insurance policies subscribed to by players and offers you advice so that you can choose the most effective insurance products that are best adapted to ensure your security as well as that of your relatives and to enhance and protect your assets.

Medical Care

The health and physical well-being of sports players is their most valuable asset, and therefore Apex Sport makes a sports doctor with more than 14 years of experience in professional sports clubs available to you, in order to ensure that your health is monitored and diagnosed and to conduct immediate medical intervention as necessary.If needed, we will make a fitness or mental preparation coach available to you.

Academic Monitoring

Apex Soccer considers academic achievement to be of great importance to sports players, and in conformity with their families, ensures they are warned of any difficulties they might come across..

Preparation of a consersion close

Apex Soccer  assists you in the preparation for your conversion plan, helps you identify the training that is best suited to your ambitions and needs, and works with you to effectuate your projects or facilitate the creation of your business.